Bikem Ekberzade is a photojournalist currently based in Istanbul. She covers current events, wars and conflicts. She has many hats, two of which are inherent in her title “photojournalist”: She tells her stories with pictures, and at times, on subjects she feels passionate about she writes as well. She has three published books, two of her own as detailed below, and one – a collaboration (Telegenic)

Ekberzade is an avid researcher, with a keen eye on under-reported conflicts, un-sexy news (meaning stories that no longer interest the commercial media and are considered passe by editors, yet still continue to adversely effect civilian lives), forced migration and environmental issues. On the later comes into play one of her other hats, as she holds an International Environmental Law degree and is extremely interested in the damage her kin inflicts on the environment, may it be through wars, or through capitalist tendencies of overproduction, overuse, etc.

Having worked for several international newspapers and agencies, she now sends her material as often as and when she wishes, to a photography agency in London. So yes, the yellow envelope days of rushing rolls to Sygma in Paris are now sadly over…

She likes to concentrate more on longer term projects/documentary series, such as her two published photography books, one in print form and in Turkish: Yasadışı (Illegal) and the other in digital form, and one of the first online books of photojournalism: West-end of the Border.

When not in the field, or coming up with one of a kind exhibit or voluntary advocacy project, she is either on her bike in the woods, or tending to her vegetable garden.

This blog is a side-kick to her website: The Virtual Story which she finds is harder to keep up with than her small garden.

She also has a blog of the same name where she peruses over life, politics, media, and beyond whenever she feels like it.


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